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The main methods of cooking are cooking, frying (both in a pan and over an open fire), baking, steaming and drying. You can use any of them on a camping trip.

COOKING. Food can be cooked in any metal utensil, as well as in a suitable stone with a recess (you can not use stones with voids - they can explode and cause serious injury), a hollowed-out wooden deck - it must be hung over a fire, and to accelerate boiling into water, add red-hot fire stones, replacing them with new ones as they cool. Can be used as cookware for cooking halves of coconuts, shells, shells of turtles, as well as bamboo stems cut in half lengthwise.

Frying. You can use a flat stone as a frying pan. Put it on the fire, and when it heats up - you can fry food on it.

DRYING. This method is very good for processing nuts and grains. Place them in a metal dish or on a flat stone and slowly heat until the food begins to crack and peel off easily.

BAKING. The stove can be built by raising a fire over the pit. You can also use a metal container or simply wrap cooked food in leaves. Another type of stove: fill the hole with stones (stones should be without voids!) And make a fire over it. When the fire burns out, dig out the coals, put a metal container with cooked food in the pit, covered with coals over the stones, and cover the coals with a thin layer of soil. In this oven, food is quickly baked.

STEAMING. This process also needs a hole. Wrap cooked food in large leaves or moss. Place the package in a hole, overlay it with coals. Lay a layer of leaves or moss on top of the bundle, then you can put another bundle of food, another layer of moss or leaves, etc., until the hole is full. Then pierce the layers from top to bottom with a stick and cover the hole with soil.

Frying on an open fire. To do this, you will need a skewer, skewer or a gun ramrod, on which cooked food is mounted. The skewer is placed over a fire or coals. This cooking method is good for handling bird carcasses and small animals.

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Extreme Cooking

Special Aviation Service soldiers are genuine experts in camping cooking, able to turn the most unpleasant and inedible-looking animal into a delicious and nutritious meal.

• MEAT needs to be cut into small cubes and cook. Pork in hot climatic zones must be prepared with special care, because it is often infected with worms and internal parasites. Venison is also sometimes infected with worms.

• FISH: usually the fish is not infected with parasites if caught in fresh running water. It is best to put out or bake wrapped in leaves.

• BIRD: poultry should be well cooked. Young birds can be fried over an open fire.

• Reptiles and Earthen: snakes and other reptiles must be gutted and then cooked on hot coals without removing their skin. The skin exfoliates by itself, after which the meat can be boiled. Before use, the snake must be beheaded, since the jaws have poisonous glands. It is necessary to remove the skin from frogs before cooking - for many it is poisonous. Then they can be fried over an open fire, planted on a stick.

• TURTLES: cook until the shell is separated, then take the meat and cook according to your taste and capabilities.

• CRAZY: crabs, lobsters, shrimps, crayfish, squids and shellfish should be boiled in order to remove harmful substances and parasites. Any marine organisms quickly deteriorate, they must be prepared and consumed the sooner the better.

• INSECTS AND WORMS: they can be boiled or dried on stones heated by the sun. Then it is recommended to grind them into powder and add to soups and the second as a seasoning.


Many mushrooms are edible and delicious, while others are deadly poisonous. Mushrooms are described in another chapter (see below), but for an inexperienced person it is better to refuse to eat any mushrooms if there are other sources of food.

Edible plants

Thousands of species of edible plants exist almost everywhere in the world. A person in an extreme situation should explore the surrounding area for the search for edible plants. The most common edible plants are shown in Fig. fifteen.

When searching for plants as a source of food, you MANDATORY need to try the plant for taste (taste test) - see below - in order to determine whether it is safe to eat. It is VERY IMPORTANT to check for edibility ALL parts of the plant, since in many plants only one part is edible, and the other can even be poisonous. For example, potatoes have edible roots, and berries are poisonous.

EDIBLE UNDERGROUND PARTS OF PLANTS. Tubers are in the ground. They are rich in nutrients (starch), they can be boiled or fried. Plants having edible tubers: potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, arrowhead leaves (K), earthen almonds, vetch, cattail (L).

ROOTS AND ROOTS OF PLANTS are rich in starch. Plants with edible roots include baobab, goa beans, plantain, fern - bracken, reindeer moss, parsnip (I), wild calla, cannon, cattail, chicory, sorrel, forest fern (M and N), white lily, angelica forest (O) ) and water lily

Rotorm - Tactical Products

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Rotorm - Military Products Carrying fire Carrying a fire is the easiest way to save your equipment for getting it and the strength that you would have spent for getting it in the new parking lot. The carrying of fire was used by primitive people. It is still used by some primitive tribes around the world. As with all other issues related to survival, you need practice in order to learn how to make fire cans and tubes before you really need them, remember also that you need to have several fire carrying devices ready for use. Survival in extreme situations. SAS Experience Fig. 14. Carrying fire Figure 14 shows the two most effective ways of carrying fire, the most accessible for you is the fire tube, since an empty suitable tin can may not be at hand. FIRE BANK (A). Place some embers, surrounded by pieces of tinder and wrapped in grass and leaves, in a medium-sized tin can. First, in the sides of the cans, it is necessary to punch holes for ventilation. FIRE TUBE. Take a large piece of soft bark, put a dry tinder (B) on it. Fold the bark into a tube and fasten with a rope or wire rings evenly along the entire length. Put the embers in the top hole of the bundle so that the tinder begins to smolder (C). The tube must be kept oriented downwind (D). If the fire tube ignites, the flame must be knocked down or spit into the tube so that only slow smoldering continues. There are several other ways of transporting fire, for example, carrying a smoldering log with periodic bloating of a smoldering tree (you can just wave the log, but first you need to make sure that you have enough strength for this). You can talk a lot about the importance of carrying fire - the moral factor plays an important role here. It is very important to first learn all the skills for transporting fire, and only then apply them in practice. Food No matter where you are, there are many kinds of plant and animal food around you. A person who finds himself in an extreme situation needs to know where to look for food, how to find out what can be eaten and what cannot be, how to collect edible plants and catch animals, and also to know which plants and animals are poisonous or dangerous. Your needs On average, the body of a healthy adult male needs 3,000 calories per day, the female body needs a little less, about 2,000. But in an extreme situation, when you have to endure stress and do unusual work for you, it may take much more - 3.5-5 thousand calories in a warm climate and 4-6 thousand calories in a cold. In order to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy, you need a balanced diet. This means that every day you need to consume with food a sufficient amount of the substances your body needs. What are these substances? PROTEIN. This substance is necessary for the growth and regeneration of tissues. Protein is also a source of energy for the body in the event that few fats and carbohydrates come from food. The protein is broken down in the body into amino acids, which are necessary for the growth of muscle tissue and for wound healing. Protein is rich in cheeses, milk, cereal grains, fish, meat and poultry. CARBOHYDRATES. Very simple molecules that are well absorbed by the body. They are the main source of energy for the body. In an extreme situation, carbohydrates should make up about half the human diet, calculated on calories. Carbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables, chocolate, milk, cereals. FATS. The most concentrated source of energy. Fats begin to be absorbed by the body if the source of carbohydrates runs out. Fats are found in butter and vegetable oil, cheeses, nuts, egg whites, margarine, animal fats, such as fat

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